Klublr is the most efficient way to organize your sports group.
The very first fully integrated sports group management platform.
For all active and engaged members who are involved in the organisation of a sports group.

Klublr serves sports groups in its broadest sense.

(semi-) professional, youth, amateur, federations, assocations,

Recreational, friends, like-minded,

Companies, schools, cities, institutions, events,

All the essential tools
Klublr includes the most essential features for your sports group.
Free to use, forever!
Connect your favourite apps
With our essential tools your sports group can perfectly communicate with her members and organize itself. Next to that, Klublr provides the opportunity to automate your workflows by connecting your favourite (and new) web apps and bundling all relevant information in one online platform.

A few examples:
  • Synced calendar and members administration with your sports federation
  • Notifications through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Slack
  • Synced files via Dropbox, Google and Facebook
  • Email campaigns (newsletters, announcements, ...) with Mailchimp
  • Synced individual training schedules and shared results
  • Integrated accounting (invoices fees and payments)
  • ...

Essentially, Klublr brings all the applications and information your sports group need together in one online platform. A full overview of the integrations can be found in our App Directory.
Klublr is free for as long as you want.
Klublr brings all the tools and people you need together so you can actually focus on what matters.