Klublr is the most efficient way to organize your sports group.
The fully integrated platform for sports group organizers.
For all active and engaged members who are involved in the organisation of a sports group.

Klublr serves sports groups in its broadest sense.

(semi-) professional, youth, amateur, federations, assocations,

Recreational, friends, like-minded,

Companies, schools, cities, institutions, events,

What makes Klublr different?
Not just another team management platform.

No obligated onboarding

No more hassle to get all your members on board as they don't necessarily need to register on Klublr. Once you've added them as a member, they will receive notifications and will be able to reply to attendances and payments without signing in.

No unnecessary features

Klublr only provides the most essential modules such as members, agenda & payments. So no confusing and unnecessary features! We do hovever give sport groups the opportunity to customise Klublr with apps they already use and trust.

Desired communication (channels)

Members can choose how they get notified. Do you want a good old email? No problem! Or do you wish a notification through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or SMS? Also, no problem!

User-friendly first

We aim to keep klublr as simple and intuitive as possible. By focussing on the most essential modules we succeed in offering a great user experience for you and your members.
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What our users are saying

This app is really awesome! I can manage my own team and follow up on communication of my daughter's team as well.

Rabbit Volley

Klublr fills a need that I've encountered for a long time, totally understand the concept. Also, excellent support in case of questions. Keep up the good work!

Kaisar Rugby

I'm really enjoying Klublr. I love how it integrates with our favourite apps we already used. By far the most efficient way to organize a team!

Joaçaba Volleyball
Klublr is free for as long as you want.
Klublr brings all the tools and people you need together so you can actually focus on what matters.